Consern about delay in emotional delopment

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Hei, My concern is my son. He is 3rd grade now. I see several issues with him: first, I can see delay in his emotional development. I have no proof for it but I am sure he has it. This makes it difficult for him to play with other kids. He is really interested in playing with other kids snd he us really good in following social rules like taking turns, being polite,not hurting others etc. He can easily be fooled. He is not proud of who he is and he is not proud of us, his parents. He does not listen to us and does not take our messages. He is doing very good educationally. But socially, we are super concerned about him. I have talked to his teacher and SFO. They just say he is fine and will be ok with time and as he gets older. He is quite active in sport and music and drawing classes. He does several sports. He has found very few friends that he is match with. He also has two friends in his class. But he can not play/comminicate with any other kids. He is OK with adults.


Besvart 12.02.2024 15:16:40